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About Us

About Us

Garage Door Repair Pebble Creek is the best and most reliable repair and maintenance service in the greater Pebble Creek area, and we have hard evidence to back up that claim. The testimonials of several satisfied clients are badges of honor that are worn with pride while providing quality services to the community. Apart from the actual skill and precision displayed by our expertly trained professional technicians, we are regarded for providing comprehensive information on the services that are provided.

About our company in Pebble Creek

Our repairs make it look as if the problem was basic even though it is complicated for uninitiated laymen to remedy, let alone understand. From a simple complaint of a garage door stopping in mid operation and reverting back to its original state, our technicians will be able to make an assessment and provide a solution drawing from their deep knowledge and experiences from previous service jobs. In this particular case, a garage door may operate as so described if perhaps the drive system has an obstruction which prevents the full extension of the door, causing the electric opener to merely pull back. Another reason might be a malfunctioning photo eye sensor, either due to dirty lens or wrong calibration.

We make an assessment by examining all aspects

The secret to our efficiency is a centralized methodology that all our technicians employ. Upon knowing the symptoms from observation and based on our client’s testimony, we go through a flow chart of possible components that require attention. From there, all aspects of a certain component part is explored before implementing repairs to make sure that there are no other latent causes for the malfunction. Going back to our earlier example, we make an assessment by examining all aspects of a particular drive system. This can be done properly due to our diligent technicians who are equipped with the proper tools and equipment that can intensively make this survey. Combined with the knowledge and experience that our crew has and have had, Garage Door Repair Pebble Creek delivers service beyond the ordinary. For example, did you know that belt drives are meant for overhead garage doors? If someone without proper know-how decided to use a belt drive for a metal swing out door, they would be wasting their money and effort since the door would be too heavy for the drive system to lift. One would not be able to know about this without years of training and experience on the said matter.

Here are other matters that most of clients were surprised to find out after talking with our courteous and knowledgeable technicians:

* Weatherstripping installations are most effective in protecting your garage and component door parts if the polyethylene mat was installed properly on the back of the garage door.
* Stalled garage doors are often caused by dirty or improperly calibrated photo eye sensors.
* Proper maintenance increases the life span of your door system and reduces costs by minimizing the instances of costlier repairs.
* Belt drives are for overhead doors while chain drives are more suitable for heavy metal garage doors since they produce more torque and pulling force when being operated.

Our esteemed company believes that communication is the key to success, which is why we go out of our way to interact with clients and ensure satisfaction and convenience is delivered always. It is normally difficult to communicate with clients, especially if the technician is elbow deep in work and needs to concentrate to get the job done. However, our company has made it obligatory for technicians to communicate with the clients they report to so that satisfaction is not only with the skilled finished product but also with the performance and quality of work employed by professional experts.

Communication also provides a deeper insight into the inner workings of the minds of clients in general, so as to understand where they are coming from and what to expect from our service. Listening to the comments and suggestions of valued clients provides our dedicated technicians with basis and experience that would better improve how they approach that same situation in the future. Our goal is to provide the best service in the industry that can only be realized with proper communication with clients and the public in general.

So the next time you have a problem with your garage door set up, communicate with us and tell us your problem. It could be a new installation, a minor or major repair or simple routine maintenance. We are ready, willing, and able to send our professional technicians to provide solutions through a methodological approach that has been tried and tested through the years. Likewise, are keen on keeping our established reputation intact by providing only the best level of customer service that most people would prefer. Engage our professional services and guaranteed you will not be disappointed. The results will speak for themselves.

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