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Garage Door Springs
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Garage Door Repair Pebble Creek is committed to serve customers by providing quality services no matter how big or small the task is. We make sure to be there for you when you need us. One of the most common issues we deal with is a broken spring. Garage door springs play a very important role as they counterbalance your door’s weight, making it easy to open or close. If your door weighs 100 pounds, the springs need to exert the same 100-pound force in order to pull past the weight. This part of your door is under high tension, so it should be handled by a skilled professional to avoid any injury. If yours breaks, let our technicians take charge.

We Follow High Standards for Spring Replacement

Garage Door Springs in FloridaWhen you leave the job to us, you don’t have to worry about anything because we use the best practices in garage door spring repair. Our team knows the importance of this part of your door, so we set high standards in dealing with them to ensure that the door will work smoothly and not cause trouble. The first thing our specialists do is check the type of spring you are using, whether it’s torsion or extension spring, especially if replacement is necessary. Whichever you are using, our technicians can competently handle any of them. Our experts make sure they use the right springs when trying to replace broken ones. Springs come in various sizes and weights, and needless to say, the right one has to be used to properly function. Using the wrong type of spring not just damages the door, but adds pressure on your garage door opener.

Aside from using the right type of springs, we do replace both, for most doors use two springs at the same time. When only one breaks, we recommend replacing both to save you from future trouble. This is safer for you and your door opener. After replacing the springs, our team performs a safety inspection in order to ensure that all moving garage door parts and hardware is running properly. Assuming that all hardware was installed at the same time, some mechanical parts may be worn as well.

Our company renders garage door repair service with your safety in mind, for we believe that it is a part of our duty to maintain safe surroundings for our clients. If you want to have your springs replaced, call us immediately so we can give you an estimate. Rest assured we use quality springs and will complete the job efficiently.

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